Being in the sportsbook business is such a competitive market. Now that more and more sportsbooks, such as DraftKings and FanDuel, are becoming legal in more and more states, it has become difficult to get these books to attract users to their specific book over another one.

So, because of this, what these sportsbooks have been doing is offering bonuses and promotions in order to draw users to their book. One of these selling points that books try to offer are called odds boosts.

What is an Odds Boost?

An odds boost is exactly what it sounds like: the sportsbook boosts odds on a particular bet or parlay.

For example, let’s pretend that the 76ers and Warriors are playing an NBA game tonight. The 76ers are -122 for their moneyline odds on FanDuel normally. But, in order to attract users to their book, FanDuel boosts the 76ers +100 instead. This would be an example of an odds boost.

Normally, these books will provide an odds boost for an important game or event, like a star-studded Sixers/Warriors matchup would be. So, during football season there are a ton of odds boosts for an NFL Sunday or primetime football game. During March Madness the odds boosts will be specifically tailored around college basketball.

The goal, of course, is to get users to their platform. So, boosting the odds of a game that doesn’t get a lot of national attention wouldn’t make sense.

I will say, though, that normally the sportsbooks will offer an odds boost on a parlay as opposed to an individual play. So, instead of boosting the 76ers moneyline odds, the book will offer an odds boost on multiple outcomes occurring in that same Sixers vs Warriors game- something along the lines of “Both Joel Embiid and Steph Curry score 30+ points.”

Those are two high profile players, and Sixers vs Warriors is bound to be a high profile game. For massive events such as the Super Bowl3 or National Championship, there are going to be much more than one odds boost.

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