We all know that vitamins are important for leading a healthy life. Vitamins help in good functioning of our body and include formation of new cells, renovate food into energy and curing injuries. There are many advantages of taking vitamins but you must know that overdose of anything can be risky for health. I am going to tell you the symptoms of vitamin overdose. If you take excessive vitamins in your body, it will not damage anything but might be unpleasant for your body, for example, intake of vitamin B2 can result in skin itching whereas Vitamin A overdose may result in symptoms of diarrhea. By any chance if you are looking for “Best medical spas san diego“, get in touch with “https://www.revive.md” – they are the best in their business.

Consumption of a large amount of certain vitamins may cause serious problems to your health. Such as, Consumption of too much of Vitamin B3 can harm your liver directly. Too much of Vitamin B6 can damage your nervous system to a great extent whereas Vitamin D overdose can harm various organs of our body. You may also face different bone problems due to excessive intake of Vitamin A and D. So, keeping all these symptoms in mind, you can control the intake of vitamins in your daily diet. If you are taking supplements then make sure to get these vitamin supplements recommended by a professional doctor otherwise it may harm your body. By keeping a track on your vitamin consumption, you can avoid many symptoms of vitamin overdose. To read more details about this topic, check out Vitaminoverdose.net.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Dys-functioning of the peripheral or the central nervous system results in a chronic pain condition which is referred to as the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). The body part afflicted with the CRPS, experiences acute burning pain, sweating, skin sensitivity and swelling. The typical feature of CRPS is the change in the color of the skin above the affected body part. There is change in temperature of the skin too. There are two types of CRPS. The first one, CRPS I occurs generally when there is tissue injury, whereas the type II occurs when there is a nerve injury. CRPS can occur at any age and can affect men and women alike, although young women are more prone to it.

There are no singular reasons or causes known, that cause CRPS. As the pain is generally associated with the nervous system the nerves are what could be sustaining the pain. However, there are no singular causes and the symptoms are a result of the multiple reasons that provoke similar symptoms.


As there is no particular cause of complex regional pain syndrome, the treatment is also target at relieving the pain. There are various therapies adopted for the purpose:

Physical therapy: the affected limb or body part is gradually led to exercising in order to restore some movement and functionality.

Psychotherapy: people suffering from CRPS suffer from depression and anxiety. So as a process of healing the pain, psychological therapies are also used.

Sympathetic nerve blocks: these are used to ease the pain and injections are administered to block the sympathetic receptors.

Medicines: different medicines are used to treat CRPS. These can be topical drugs that can be applied locally and the other types are antidepressants, anti-seizure drugs and corticosteroids.

The treatment of complex regional pain syndrome depends on the severity and duration of pain. Different treatment procedures are adopted for different cases.

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