It’s not the length of the essay that matters, but what you can say within those words that do. A dissertation is a form of a research paper in which individuals must present their findings and defend their work with scholarly sources.

Typically, a dissertation can take up to five years to complete and is an important capstone project for the field of study in which one has been researching throughout his or her academic career.

There are several general tips that students should take when preparing their dissertation and formatting it for submission, according to,

1 – Set a deadline and divide it into manageable parts

Like building a house, the first thing you do is to set up the foundation. Give yourself deadlines for how many words and pages per day you need to hit on average, then divide that into weeks. For example, 20,000 words in 60 days (3 pages per day).

Determine the amount of time you’ll give yourself to write each chapter, and take a realistic look at your daily schedule: do you have the time? If you’re working part-time, will it be realistic to make that much progress during the week? What about school or family obligations?

2 – Write about something you’re interested in

It is no secret but writing a dissertation can be tough. If you’ve chosen a topic because it’s your job to write about it, you may be going into this without much passion. Writing on something you have some degree of interest in will make the process much easier and more enjoyable.

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