Last night saw Huddersfield pull of a surprise win at Swansea to make most of my bets losers.

I have been struggling for form over the last couple of weeks and as most of you may now know i do this for a living so when times are tough a สล็อต 888 head is called for.

With this in mind and with no obvious value punts in the Euro 2008 games tonight i thought i`d say what i do when i hit flat patches.

If anyone decides to try and make punting a career they must be mentally prepared for the flat spots and i have several rules i follow to help me maintain discipline.

Rule 1 is never ever chase. When you chase judgement goes out the window and with the various markets available on so many events there is always tomorrow.

Rule 2 is when you do have a down patch stop betting for a few days review your records and staking plan and see if you are missing anything obvious.

Look at the times when you have been making steady profit and try to find out what you did differently.

Rule 3: Try to make a small profit every day rather then a big profit less often, i try to make 3% on my investment every day, as if it is successful which most times is the case my money doubles every 24 days.

Rule 4: Be prepared for long hours and lots of time spent in front of your PC and spreadsheets, as i have found to my cost that research is the only way to make this game work.

Rule 5: Always try to make punting fun. I know this is maybe a daft thing to say but if i did not enjoy the game i would get a “proper ” job. Also like all jobs you will do it better if you enjoy it.

Rule 6: Be disciplined and support your judgement, do not let yourself be swerved by others, after all it is a game of opinions and you will kick yourself if you change your mind and your original selection wins (believe me i know!).

I will follow these rules myself over the weekend and spend time reviewing my records and statistics also i will find time to have a break and relax as it is important to keep a good balance.

Hopefully come the new week i will be re focused and ready to bash the bookies again if not i will take a few more days to make sure i am back ready for the challenge.

Good luck with whatever you go for over the weekend.

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