Read – 4 – Fun

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Read – 4 -Fun Program

The San Diego Book Awards Association sponsors Read-4-Fun, a program that promotes literacy among fifth-grade students countywide through a joint effort with elementary school librarians.

Students participating in the program read 200 pages of chapter books and turn a report in to their librarian. As a reward for completing this assignment, each student is allowed to choose a book from the Read-4-Fun shelf to take home and keep. For many children, the books supplied through the Read-4-Fun program are the first books they have ever owned.

We have served as many as 24 schools and up to 4,000 students and given away as many as 2,500 books in a single school year. One young girl earned 37 free books from her school’s Read-4-Fun shelf. She read 7,400 pages.

Great readers mean future writers! To support this program we encourage donations of new fifth-grade level books and cash so we can purchase these books, which go free of any cost to the student, the school, or the district.