New York City, one of the busiest, most opulent metropolises in the world, must definitely be visited at least once in a lifetime by worldwide travelers. It is a densely inhabited urban center in the US and it is mainly formed of 5 renowned quarters: Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens. A lot of people want to visit New York because it offers everyone the chance to live the American dream, even if it’s for a couple of days. Sounds good? Do you want to 2023 Nude Calendars? Order family planner calendar here.

However, if you are the kind of person who prefers blending in and absorbing the culture of a foreign place, then you should try to avoid looking like a tourist, and spend time in places that are not generally visited. First off, you must forget about guidebooks. Nobody wants to see you with a book in your hand, in the middle of the sidewalk. That is why; you should read your guidebook at home to know exactly where you are heading. The Big Apple is a bustling city, with people constantly on the run. Somehow, it’s catchy and it makes you want to be one of them as well.

When you are in New York, try to avoid dressing like a typical tourist. You will get fewer stares from the people. Additionally, dressing like one of the locals will help you blend in, and who knows, maybe make a couple of friends. Everyone expects tourists to wear sneakers, a backpack and sports clothing, so be different. Since the majority of those who live in the city are quite passionate about trends, you should try to show some sense of fashion.

Although you may find numerous things that you want to photograph, you should keep an eye on your belongings. New York is not only renowned for the Empire State Building or Times Square, but also for high criminality. You can be mugged in plain daylight without being able to do anything about it. Therefore, it is for best to use your camera only when you need it and try not to wear expensive jewelry. Additionally, even though you want to be a true New Yorker and go for a jog in Central Park, avoid going in the evening.

With so many clubs for different budgets, you must definitely go out during the night and have some fun. You can dance, drink interesting beverages and meet new people with whom to interact. Nevertheless, you should try to find a bar or a club with a good reputation, and thus you’ll get away without scandals or potential fights.

New York is a great city that you should discover on your own, without guidebooks and itineraries. You will see it will be worth the experience; however it’s important to watch your step wherever you go. Last but not least, you cannot leave the Big Apple without a trip with the subway. It’s the fastest means of transportation if you don’t have too much time available to see the city. You’ll need a MetroCard that usually costs around $2.5 for a single person.

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