Regardless of your skin is dry or oily, you should buy one of the most suitable for their own emollient cream. Skin experts have pointed out that the most expensive beauty products is emollient cream. In fact, sometimes years to fight erosion, the best way is to use a good emollient cream and moderate cleansing cream. If dry skin, the fine lines will continue to spread.

If you are 20,30 years old, so emollient cream will be able to fight against skin aging. Therefore, what is “good emollient cream,” then? Best emollient cream should be able to help the skin’s ability to generate self-nourishing. And the type of emollient cream should also be different under the skin and choose.

If the skin is dry or hybrid nature: it should choose to contain alpha hydroxy acids. This acid can help produce more self-skin moisture. The skin should be a little moist when rubbed on such products, it helps lock moisture. You can also learn about “where can fillers be used on face“, click here

If the skin is really very dry: it should use a new technology – vesicular emulsion. This technology is the use of microsphere technology, so that the outer layer of moisturizer and water slowly melting, and then give you a full day of moisture protection.

If the skin is too oil: you need to use some of the more moderate emollient cream, but will not be able to save this does not go. Facial emollient oil has not, so, you still need to rub moisturizing cream.

About the melasma of pregnancy

The melasma of pregnancy is due to pregnancy induced, also known as chloasma or melasma. So that the pregnancy caused by endocrine changes caused by melanoma skin on the face of local over secretion and deposition. General neutral and oily skin, the skin secretion of adequate oil, pH balance, metabolism and smooth, when the pregnancy is not easy to generate stain.

Most of the spots of pregnancy after a period of physical time, it will gradually subside, so there is no need to force beauty cream or beauty cream quickly, so the skin would be a greater harm. A reasonable diet can speed up the metabolism, the pigment will be eliminated from the body, or the use of skin whitening products play down the stain.

What cause freckle?

Freckle is caused by genetic pigment spots, generally in adolescence, on the cheeks and nose tip to the size of a grain of rice, brown spots began to appear, in the absence of the concept of sun protection, often in outdoor activities, freckle will with age Increase, more and more obvious, and this spot could be for life.

Genetic nature of freckles, can not be used without authorization powerful acid or beauty cream products forced off spot, so the skin would have resulted in severe injury, even if the freckle is the time to return, or genetic factors will emerged slowly spots .

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