In this post I’ve referred a lot to the ‘most effective’ anti aging skin care product ingredients. These are of course what we all want to know about and investigate. So, with this in mind, in my next post I’m going to discuss the: If you are looking forward to Laser treatments Delray Beach


The ‘Big Three’ are the latest breakthrough anti aging ingredients! The clinical studies supporting them, particularly in respect of stimulating collagen and elastin regrowth and for boosting hyaluronic acid levels, are excellent. That’s why they’re being called the ‘Big Three’!

My friends and associates (aka. ‘spies’) in the skin care industry tell me that the elite brand companies are currently gearing up to release new anti aging skin care cream products based around the ‘Big Three’. (But if you’re devoted to the expensive elite brand products, you’ll be waiting a loooooong time to benefit from them. Remember those long lead in times!)

The company which manufactures the anti aging skin care product I use already contains the ‘Big Three’. The bottom line of why I choose to use this company’s products is simply because they use the ‘Big Three’ in the exact same concentrations as those used in the successful clinical studies.

‘Xtend-Life Natural Products’ is the name of the company – based in New Zealand. Their set-up falls in line with the cost effective organizational/production criteria I outlined above. Lean, flexible, medium sized (family owned) company, selling direct to the customer via the internet only. There are no shareholders or venture capitalists associated with the company and so on. That’s how they manage to sell these highly effective cell rejuvenation anti aging skin care products at a half to a third of the price of the big brand name products.

The chairman of the company told me that they have a top German cosmetic chemist heading their R & D. Unlike most companies who give their research people a maximum amount that they can use for each 100 grams of product, Xtend-Life did not place any such limitations. The consequence of this policy is that the costs of Xtend-Life’s raw ingredients are as much as 3 times those of some of the well known elite brands. But their marketing and distribution strategy gives them the room to absorb this and still churn out the most effective anti aging skin care product currently available.

In respect of their overall skin care philosophy the chairman, Warren Mathews, said this:

“Before we started developing the Xtend-Life range, we searched out the best anti aging skin care products in the world. We looked at top brands such as Clarins, L’Oreal, Arden, Helena Rubenstein, The Body Shop, Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clinique, Vichy, Shiseido … and many more. Our aim was to produce significantly superior products, offering better value for money, than anything else on the market.”

The Xtend-Life business strategy is simple and spot on (if only all skin care companies would share the same vision:

Formulate and manufacture the most effective anti aging skin care cream formulas according to the most recent skin care science, and then give great value for money by keeping profit margins low and fair! (As a result there is no incentive for other companies to try and copy their product formulas.)

Now that you know how to ‘look though’ the sophisticated marketing presentations of the famous brand name companies, you can see they can’t compete on either effectiveness or value for money!

When we consider smaller, medium sized skin care companies like Xtend-Life I can assure you there are other very good manufacturers out there who currently use one or (in not so many cases) two of the ‘Big Three’ and at the recommended clinical quantities but I know of none that combine multiple actives in a synergistic way like the Xtend-Life skin care formulas have … in other words none that have the same level of active ingredients in their finished product.

Xtend-Life use more than 40 active ingredients in their anti aging skin care products. They are all safe enough to ingest (all natural – absolutely no chemicals), and proven in clinical trials to be truly effective!

These links will take you to the skin care range product pages on the Xtend-Life website. I recommend you read through all the content there in order to understand why these products are unmatched in the market. You’ll already be completely ‘in the know’ before I reveal the names and supporting evidence of the ‘Big Three’ in the next few days.

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