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2014 Finalists

Finalists in each category are listed in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. Winners will be selected from among the finalists and announced at the awards ceremony. All entries were reviewed by at least three judges. The judging chairs reserved the right to combine subcategories depending on the number of entries received.

Unpublished Entries

Unpublished Memoir
Touched by Andrea Bell
ri’fyooznic: A Memoir of Refusal, Rebellion, and Redemption by Michael W. Berns
Accidental Immigrants by David Ward

Unpublished Novel
Coast Highway 101 by Michael Dean Clark
Benefit of the Doubt by Neal Griffin
Casualties by Elizabeth G. Marro
Our Lady of the Squids by Marc Meyers

Unpublished Novel, Young Adult
The Other Side by David Applegate
Abandoned by Vicki H. Beck
Cahaba Lily by Edie McCary Ham

Short Story
Disciplinary Action by Judy Opdycke
Choices by Frank Primiano
When the Nuthatch Sings by Laurel K Wasserman

Published Books


Deadlines for 2014 Contest!


The SDBA will accept entries through Feb 2, 2015 for unpublished categories and through Feb 28, 2015for published categories.

– Unpublished novels, memoirs, and poetry chapbooks
– Published books with a copyright/pub date of 2014 (Dec 2013 also allowed)
– Short Stories

Cash prizes will be awarded to winners of the following categories: Unpublished Novel, Unpublished Children/YA Novel, Unpublished Memoir, Poetry Chapbook, Short Story, Geisel Award (published books), Mystery (published books).

Click on the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES tab on the homepage for specific guidelines and entry forms (found at the end of each page). 



The deadline to submit entries for unpublished novels, memoir, short stories, and poetry chapbook is extended to February 2, 2015. The deadline for published books remains February 28, 2015.

Award Ceremony Cancelled for 2015:

Unfortunately, the SDBA has lost its wonderful venue for an awards event.  AHM Health, which has been a gracious host of its theatre venue, for financial reasons, has decided to offer it only to health care nonprofits.

The SDBA Board of Directors has plans for seeking grant money to alleviate some of the problems this loss of venue creates.  For this year, however, the SDBA has neither the staffing nor the funds to coordinate a fund raiser or to hold the awards evening this year.  

This is what will happen this year (2015):

1.   The winners in each category will be announced by June 20 via the SDBA website, a press release, and …