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The deadline to submit entries for unpublished novels, memoir, short stories, and poetry chapbook is extended to February 2, 2015. The deadline for published books remains February 28, 2015.

Award Ceremony Cancelled for 2015:

Unfortunately, the SDBA has lost its wonderful venue for an awards event.  AHM Health, which has been a gracious host of its theatre venue, for financial reasons, has decided to offer it only to health care nonprofits.

The SDBA Board of Directors has plans for seeking grant money to alleviate some of the problems this loss of venue creates.  For this year, however, the SDBA has neither the staffing nor the funds to coordinate a fund raiser or to hold the awards evening this year.  

This is what will happen this year (2015):

1.   The winners in each category will be announced by June 20 via the SDBA website, a press release, and an email to the SDBA’s email list.

2.  If SDBA funds allow, the winners will receive trophies.

3.  Cash prizes (totaling $1,200) will be awarded in the amounts and for the categories advertised on the SDBA website.

This will still be a successful year, thanks to the judges and to all who enter!