2014 Finalists

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Finalists in each category are listed in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. Winners will be selected from among the finalists and announced at the awards ceremony. All entries were reviewed by at least three judges. The judging chairs reserved the right to combine subcategories depending on the number of entries received.

Unpublished Entries

Unpublished Memoir
Touched by Andrea Bell
ri’fyooznic: A Memoir of Refusal, Rebellion, and Redemption by Michael W. Berns
Accidental Immigrants by David Ward

Unpublished Novel
Coast Highway 101 by Michael Dean Clark
Benefit of the Doubt by Neal Griffin
Casualties by Elizabeth G. Marro
Our Lady of the Squids by Marc Meyers

Unpublished Novel, Young Adult
The Other Side by David Applegate
Abandoned by Vicki H. Beck
Cahaba Lily by Edie McCary Ham

Short Story
Disciplinary Action by Judy Opdycke
Choices by Frank Primiano
When the Nuthatch Sings by Laurel K Wasserman

Published Books

Published Poetry – Individual Author
Kohl and Chalk by Shadab Zeest Hashmi
Spoon by Sylvia Levinson
The Widow from Lake Bled by Kirby Wright

Published Poetry – Anthology
Selected Poems of the Gypsy Poets – The Gypsy Poets (Carol Buckley, Barbara Donnell, Nann Epler, Fran Finley, Karen Kenyon, Lyn Lloyd-Smith, Gail Shatsky, Patricia Staley)
Magee Park Poets Anthology – Editor: Ishmael von Heidrick-Barnes
Summation V – Editor: Elizabeth Yahn Williams and Robert Thomas Lundy

Published – Anthology/Short Story Collection
The Genie Who Had Wishes of His Own by Margaret Harmon
Square Dancing at the Asylum by Kirby Wright
A Year in Ink by San Diego Writers Ink

Published – General Fiction
When She Came Home by Drusilla Campbell
The Moon Daughter by Zoe Ghahremani
Bodies of Water by T. Greenwood
The Tin Horse by Janice Steinberg

Published – Contemporary Fiction
Desert Mojito by Nazli Ghassemi
The Last Island by David Hogan
The Mango Bride by Marivi Soliven

Published – Young Adult Scifi & Fantasy
The Fairy Fly by Lori Lopez
Love Zombies of San Diego by Jim Musgrave
Amane of Teravinea by D. Maria Trimble

Published – Young Adult Fiction
The Voice by Jennifer Anne Davis
Out by Laura Preble
Superior by Zoe Amos

Published – Children’s Books
Grandma Loves You! by Helen Foster James
Paper Son by Helen Foster James and Virginia Shin-Mui Loh
Penguin in Love by Salina Yoon
Pinwheel by Salina Yoon

Published – Historical Fiction
Fog and Darkness by Roger L. Conlee
A Whisper on the Wind by Sandra Esch
The Fig Orchard by Layla Fiske
Claudia, Wife of Pontius Pilate by Diana Wallis Taylor

Published – Romance
Down this Road by Kelli Dawn
Moonlight by Lisa Kessler
Silent Bird by Reina Lisa Menasche
Call of the Whisperwind by Jeffree Wyn Itrich

Published – Psychology, Self-Help, & Medicine
Booby Trap by Allison Bially
Stuff You Already Know by Gina DeLapa
The Ten-Minute Cognitive Workout by Peggy D. Snyder

Published -Spiritual & Inspirational
Ritual Healing by Don Eulert
Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me by Renee Fisher
Real Teachers by Stuart Grauer

Published – Memoir
Dare I Call it Murder? by Larry Edwards
White Gloves and Collards by Helen Pruden Kaufmann
Trafficking the Good Life by Jennifer Meyers
Off My Rocker by Kenny Weissberg

Published – Biography 
Anselm of Canterbury by Simonetta Carr
Making it Faster by Norman DeWitt
Charles Dickens by Karen Kenyon

Published – Action, Suspense, & Thriller
License to Lie by Terry Ambrose
The Courage to Kill by Ron Argo
Freedom’s Hand by Mike Sirota

Published – Mystery
Yesterday’s Echo by Matt Coyle
The Vesuvius Isotope by Kristen Elise
The Devil’s Breath by Richard Hicks
Empty Places by Martin Roy Hill
Deadly Provenance by Lynne Kennedy

Published – Business
Global Business Leadership by E.S. Wibbeke
Talent Wants to Be Free by Orly Lobel
Trust Works by Martha Lawrence/Ken Blanchard

Published – SciFi, Fantasy, & Horror
Water Shock by Milton Burgess
Change in Management by Rick R.J. Johnson
Overlay by Blaine Readler
The End, My Friend by Kirby Wright

Published – Local Interest 
San Diego Yesterday by Richard Crawford
Anza-Borrego by Ernie Cowan
San Luis Rey on Dislpay by Brian Olson
The Fire Outside My Window by Sandra Millers Younger

Published – History, Military, and Politics
American Umpire by Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman
DEFENDER DOLPHINS by Harold Goforth, Jr.
Unsung Eagles by Jay Stout

Published – Travel
The Mountain School by Greg Alder
Americano Abroad by Dominic Carrillo
The Travel Mama’s Guide by Colleen Lanin

Published – Lifestyle – Cooking and Home
San Diego Chef’s Table by Maria Desiderata Montana
If Clutter Could Talk by Tracy Paye
Living Coastal by Jolee Pink

Published – General Nonfiction 
Duffy’s World by Faith McCune
Life at the Speed of Light by J. Craig Venter
Dog Training by Liz Palika