The successful poker website먹튀검증 먹튀폴리  , just let everyone know that once again they will feature the Full Tilt Online Poker Series or “FTOPS” in the first week of November. This well-known tournament will start out with a $216 no-limit Texas Hold em event. The Texas Hold em tournament will have a guaranteed $15 million worth of prizes at stake. The Texas Hold Em Poker tournament has 25 Texas Hold Em events with the main Texas Hold em tournament on Sunday, November 16th which has a $2.5 million prize pool.

There is a chance for any player to take part in the poker tournament, by succeeding in as many satellite games as possible. The more satellite games you take first place in, the more tournament money you will receive. If by chance you win more satellite games than anyone else, you will win two more buy-ins for the FTOPS. The satellite Texas Hold em games are taking place at the moment, and all registered users of Full Tilt Poker can play.

The Full Tilt Poker Tournament was created in 2006 and it had 8 events and gave away one million dollars in prize money. Since then, the tournament has become highly regarded, with last years poker event running 25 Texas Hold em events and giving away over $15 million. This year’s tournament will present a Two-Day Event with incredible buy-in amounts ranging from $2500 to $5000. The first ever Two-Day Event was FTOPS V, that Poker championship had a winner that was able to take $400,000 home with him. November’s Two-Day event has a promised prize pool of over $2 million. This poker tournament will begin on Saturday, November 15th. is expected to be a Huge Event

The largest prize pool ever was announced by Bodog poker, with the main tournament giving away $300,000. The total for the eight day poker event will be over $650,000, throughout the weeklong Texas hold em tournament. The Bodog Texas Hold em tournament will begin Sunday, September 28th and continues until Sunday, October 5th. The popular poker website will also feature six “Bounty” games, where the challengers can win $109 in poker credits for each Team Bodog poker contestant they eliminate from the poker match. The biggest poker stars will be playing all participators in the Texas Hold em tournament.

Team Bodog star, Justin Bonomo, is indisputably thrilled about the Texas Hold em Judi Onlinecontest. Throughout his poker career, the 23 year old has received more than $1.4 million. He says that if you thought the first Texas Hold em tournament was a good one, you will definitely be astonished with this year’s tournament and the grand prize money involved. He also challenges anyone that has the courage to knock him out of the Texas hold em tournament to come forward.

The Kick off Bounty Tournament will be the first poker match in the tournament on Sunday. Any poker competitor is able to buy-In right into this, and any of the other poker games with cash. Or another choice is to win their way into the Texas Hold em games through the satellites which are being played every night during the Texas Hold em contest week. There will be six bounty events and seven “Championship Events”, which have higher buy-ins and deeper stacks.

There are thirteen contests which will lead up to the main Texas Hold em event on Sunday, October 5 at 4:00 p.m. E.S.T. This is the grand prize event with a guaranteed $300,000 in prizes, despite the total number of poker players in the championship. All the players who decide to enter the main contest will have to shell out $500 for the buy-in and in turn will obtain 10,000 in Bodog poker chips.

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